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Work Injury Law

Did you suffer a work-related injury?

If you or someone you know has been hurt at work, we can help. If you have suffered a work injury, or are now injured as a result of a chronic workplace condition or job-related activity, we can to help. If you have questions about your rights or medical situation, we can help.

Work injuries are common and can be more complicated than most people think.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you receive the medical attention you need. The next step is to contact a legal expert with experience getting injured workers the help and benefits they are entitled to.

For this to happen, there are deadlines we must observe with respect to medical procedures, as well as care and treatment options, to make sure we do everything possible to protect your employee rights under California law.

California Workers’ Compensation Legal Practice — Why Choose Us?

If you have suffered a work injury, call us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation about your workers’ compensation or personal injury case.

At the Law Offices of Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth, we believe in taking a personal approach by educating you about your case, what you can do to improve your situation and by being responsive to your needs.

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Por favor llame a 619-810-1427 o contáctenos en línea para programar una consulta inicial gratuita para discutir sus preocupaciones con un experimentado San Diego, California, el abogado de compensación de trabajadores.

Todas las comunicaciones son privadas y protegidas y serán devueltos inmediatamente.

Workers’ “Comp” is What We Do

Our firm examines the benefits provided by your employer’s insurance company when you have reported a work injury to find the best doctor in your medical provider network to treat you or a loved one. Remember to report your work injury, including pain and suffering related to your case, to your doctors so that they can document your issues for our files.

Our job is to help you document your work accident properly so that the facts are clear on record after being reviewed by a certified medical professional.

Once a claim is filed, we will monitor your medical treatment to help ensure you get the best care possible, whether for a repetitive injury that requires rest or for a more severe, chronic condition, such as a bulging disc or back injury that may require immediate care or future surgery. In some cases, noninvasive treatment may be prescribed by the insurer’s medical professional, such as acupuncture or another form of alternative care; even psychological counseling may be an option to help deal with emotional issues that have arisen from the events surrounding your accident.

We are ready to represent you at any time during your workers’ compensation case — whether you are wondering if you have a case and how to get started or you have already been denied benefits and are seeking a hearing or an appeal.

We have the answers you’re looking for.

California Disability Benefits Lawyer — Maximizing Your Benefits

To learn more about how we can help you, please call the Law Office of Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth to arrange a free initial consultation.

Working With Insurers

Insurance companies are never obligated to settle a case and the insurer can object to certain types of treatment. If they do, you will want at your side a workers’ compensation lawyer experienced in fighting for employee rights, for medical care and for monetary compensation. Our goal is to assist you in receiving the maximum lawful compensation.

Injured Workers Are Entitled to Disability Benefits

Injured workers may receive either temporary disability or permanent disability benefits. Either option carries with it certain specifications, or rules about what you need to do to initiate and maintain the compensation you are to receive. We work to make sure that you know how to proceed so that you get the benefits you are entitled to.

Successful Resolution of Your Case

If you are resolving a case, it is very important to have an attorney who can negotiate on your behalf depending on the specifics of your case. If a family member has died as a result of an accident while on the job, such as a construction or warehouse accident, we can help you examine the workers’ compensation policy that applies to the specific circumstances of their case and and identify what death benefits your family should receive.

Personal Injury
Never underestimate the benefits of working closely with an experienced personal injury lawyer — more often than not, the very idea that you have hired an attorney can deliver the results you need. There is peace of mind in knowing that you have someone on your side to help you deal with the stress of managing complicated legal matters.

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