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Necessity of mild head injury reporting for workers comp in California

Mild head injury reporting requirement for Worker's comp | 2H Law

Mild head injuries are defined as trauma to the head that causes a brief change in mental status. Headaches, dizziness, and disorientation are common mild head injury symptoms, which are frequently accompanied by an interval of post-traumatic blurred memory. A small head injury can progress to mild head trauma if not treated, resulting in more serious symptoms such as chronic headaches, difficulties concentrating, and attention problems. 

 Reporting a mild head injury in CA is crucial for early detection and treatment of potential complications. Timely reporting ensures proper medical attention, reducing the risk of long-term damage and complications. In the Golden State getting treatment for such brain injuries is more costly and to deal with the expenses of such a harsh phase of life the workers’ comp head injury settlements will help you more to get back to your routine life and to obtain this compensation settlement payment for mild TBI, the attorney at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC is always be on your side. 

What is the most common cause of brain injury and its Symptoms?

Trauma, which is frequently induced by workplace mishaps, falls, or occurrences, is a prevalent cause of mild traumatic brain injury. Mood swings, confusion, memory problems, cognitive decline, and sensory anomalies are all indications of brain injury. When these symptoms appear, they should urge quick attention and medical evaluation. Annually 1.7 million Americans suffer from brain injury as added by the California Department of Rehabilitation. Also noted that till March 2023, 5523 deaths happened in the US due to traumatic brain Injury.

Here are the five most common causes of mild head injury, along with the symptoms they cause:

  1. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury):
    Symptoms: Different types of headaches, confusion, memory problems, dizziness, and mood changes.
  1. Falls:
    Symptoms: Cognitive impairment, sensory disturbances, and impaired mobility.
  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents:
    Symptoms: Loss of consciousness, posttraumatic amnesia, and mood disorders.
  1. Workplace Incidents:
    Symptoms: Attention deficits, sensory disturbances, and headaches.
  1. Assaults and Violence:
    Symptoms: Cognitive impairment, mood disorders, and memory issues.

How to obtain a brain Injury Workers’ Compensation in California? 

Obtaining brain Injury workers’ compensation in California is a process that necessitates prompt action. Notify your employer immediately if you suffer a brain injury at work and the mild head injury symptoms if any. Seek healthcare to figure out the extent of the injuries and get the necessary documentation in case you are experiencing symptoms of mild head injury. When filing for Workers’ Compensation, this documentation is critical. Consult with a legal expert to help you navigate the procedure and defend your rights.

Ask the attorneys at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC to initiate the lawsuit for Head Traumas caused due to work pressure in California. 

Workplace pressures can result in head traumas, impacting your life and livelihood. If you believe your mild head injury is a result of work-related stress or incidents, it is essential to seek legal assistance. At Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC, our dedicated attorneys specialize in handling head trauma cases stemming from workplace conditions. We have a demonstrated track record of campaigning for sufferers of workplace-related brain injuries and assisting them in obtaining the compensation they are entitled to.


Mild head injuries should not be overlooked because they can develop into more serious conditions, affecting a person’s entire well-being and livelihood. It is critical to detect the signs, comprehend when they progress to moderate head trauma and take the necessary measures. Simply because workplace accidents are commonly the cause of brain injuries, it is critical to have a complete understanding of California workers’ compensation regulations. If work-related stress leads you to a mild head injury, you must seek legal counsel immediately. Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320 legal professionals are committed to helping people pursue their rightful claims and get the compensation they are entitled to.

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