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Workers' Compensation Vaccine Injury

Hollingsworth, in a May 23 presentation, explained that employees also can file workers’ compensation claims in situations where, even without an explicit mandate, an employee faced “coercion, exclusion, discrimination,” where they were “ostracized by their co-workers or it was strongly suggested that they get the vaccine.”

Can workers' compensation cover COVID-19 vaccination injuries?

Three lawyers told The Defender about workers’ compensation techniques that may benefit private-sector COVID-19 vaccine injury victims. 

The attorneys also noted that as more people file COVID-19 vaccine injury claims, employers and insurers may reconsider employer-mandated immunizations. 

Lawyers interviewed for this story explained the steps, benefits, and potential obstacles claimants may face, as well as how to find a suitable attorney and doctor to help with the claims. The number of workplace disability claims in the U.S. increased in early 2021, around the same time COVID-19 vaccines were being distributed. 

Workers’ compensation is available in all 50 states for employees of employers that require COVID-19 inoculation. 

Workers’ compensation claims don’t prohibit other legal claims. However, it may provide urgent cash assistance, medical care, and long-term support.

Best San Diego Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Vaccine-injured workers may be able to seek compensation under workers’ compensation.

Ben Carlisle, Ray L. Flores II, and Patrick R. Hollingsworth represent COVID-19 vaccine victims. Carlisle, workers’ comp, and health freedom are Flores’s. 

Flores told The Defender that workers’ compensation is “a much easier system to navigate” than the PREP Act of 2005 or the National Childhood Vaccine Damage Act of 1986, vaccine damage claims channels. 

“Everybody thinks there’s nothing that can be done,” Flores said, making PREP “impossible to get through.” “Prep doesn’t preclude workers’ comp.” 

On Aug. 24, Hollingsworth told CHD.TV’s “Good Morning CHD” that injured COVID-19 vaccinees can file workers’ compensation claims. 

Carlisle called workers’ compensation “a lot easier right now.” 

In New York, where Carlisle is licensed, workers’ compensation “is a no-fault system,” therefore “there are a lot fewer hurdles you have to jump through.” 

“No-fault” means employers cannot allege government coercion: 

No defense. No fault. I needn’t prove fault. Pfizer ignores. Employers can neglect. 

I only need to verify their work-related injury and immunization. That’s it.” 

On May 23, Hollingsworth determined employees can file workers’ compensation claims if they were “coerced, excluded, discriminated,” “ostracized by their co-workers, or it was strongly suggested that they get the vaccine.”

Settlement In A Vaccine Injury Workers' Compensation Claim For

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An injured worker in San Diego filed a successful workers’ compensation claim with the help of our knowledgeable attorneys. A sizable sum has been paid out as a result of the claim.

Hollingsworth believed cause.

Hollingsworth said work-related injuries are common. California favors injured workers.

Employees might claim mental distress.

“You’re allowed treatment and, in some cases, additional compensation for any psychological damage as a result of said injuries,” Hollingsworth said. We could claim emotional suffering if a vaccination causes anaphylactic shock or other damage.
He added:

Refusing immunization got many sacked. Impulse injection.

In the May presentation, Hollingsworth said that cumulative adverse health effects, such as “a large buildup of toxicity,” from multiple vaccinations and boosters could be grounds for a claim, as could secondary injuries, such as falling and getting injured after fainting if the vaccination caused it.

Carlisle told The Defender, “This is a workers’ compensation claim… it’s not a lawsuit. Use it. Negligence isn’t needed. The fault isn’t needed. Workers’ comp isn’t justice.

Hollingsworth said workers’ compensation rights are more known.

Carlisle suggested requiring workers’ compensation. Ten saw that tweet.

“A million people have viewed” his Nov. 4 tweet on his first workers’ compensation hearing against an employer-mandated vaccine: “The judge found enough evidence to proceed. January trial.”

Alternative justice frustrates most claimants.

Flores told The Defender six CICP claims were paid, calling it “a dead end.” All vaccine injuries require expert evaluation.

“Workers’ compensation is your primary avenue at the beginning of a work-related vaccine injury… the PREP Act is considered a last resort,” Flores told CHD.TV in August.

Flores said PREP Act lawsuits demand more evidence than workers’ compensation.

Flores advised D.C. District Court PREP claims for catastrophic harm or death and intentional wrongdoing.

After the CICP claim, if you reject the CICP offer, you can sue D.C. District Court for willful misconduct and substantial physical harm or death.

Flores said the PREP Act only covers emergency medical countermeasures. He said the PREP Act protects.

Flores said most vaccine injury victims choose workers’ compensation. “Workers’ compensation claims begin immediately.”

Hollingsworth told CHD, “Workers’ compensation attorneys work on contingency, so it doesn’t cost anything to file. ”August viewers can choose “no-lose” candidates.

“Here in California, the attorneys taking the case charge anywhere between 15-18%, sometimes upwards of 20% at some firms if it’s very complex and drags on, but usually 15%,” Hollingsworth said. No upfront, filing, or recovery deduction. Insurance pays. Report injuries.”

Legal Practice

File workers’ compensation claims as quickly as possible, attorneys say

Hollingsworth told The Defender that in many places, like California, potential applicants have one year to make a claim with their employer after learning of their injuries. Carlisle said New York has a two-year statute of limitations. 

Hollingsworth stressed early workers’ compensation claims in his May presentation. “You want to claim immediately. Communicating your injury to your supervisor or liability issues often arise. If you don’t report the injury quickly away, it could be denied.” 

Even slight vaccine side effects may support a future claim. 

Hollingsworth said most patients experience arm discomfort, edema, or redness. “If you’re having any of those, I would probably advise filing something just to get it acknowledged immediately that there was an issue so that if there is a more significant injury later on, at least acknowledge that you had a reaction at the outset of any kind.”

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Our Offices take pleasure in personalizing legal solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. In addition, where required, we fight for your rights by standing up to those who wrong you. We will always try to secure the best possible result for our clients, whether the matter is settled out of court or decided by a jury verdict.

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Count on us to be there, any time.

We take pleasure in personalizing legal solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. In addition, where required, we fight for your rights by standing up to those who wrong you. We will always try to secure the best possible result for our clients, whether the matter is settled out of court or decided by a jury verdict.


In August 2022, Hollingsworth told CHD.TV, “You want to really make sure that they only specialize in workers’ compensation, as other attorneys aren’t really familiar with how workers’ compensation works.” In the same show, Flores stated such firms accept most cases. “One of the good things about finding a firm is that workers’ compensation—as opposed to other types of law—chances are the firm is going to take your case,” he added, “although with the vaccine injury, there may be a bit of a hurdle to jump over.” In the same broadcast, Hollingsworth advised the public to ensure that “an attorney is handling your case and not a hearing representative” during workers’ compensation hearings because vaccine-related cases are “contentious” and require “someone that knows the law, that’s experienced.” Flores cited Children’s Health Defense’s legal resources for finding workers’ compensation attorneys in their state (see attorney search engine, find legal help, and find a lawyer by practice area and state) and stressed the importance of educating lawyers on such issues, telling The Defender: The more information we give the injured party or attorneys, the less likely they are to turn down the business. Educating lawyers is another benefit of our work.

Vaccine damage sufferers, including some interviewed by The Defender, claim difficulty finding a doctor who will link their symptoms to their immunization. Carlisle told The Defender, “That’s going to be the biggest hurdle, just finding those doctors.” “They have to be licensed by the Workers’ Compensation Board in order to get reimbursement from the insurance carrier,” he stated of the second “tricky part.” Hollingsworth acknowledged this challenge but feels the tide is turning. CHD.TV reported: “In workers’ compensation, a lot of doctors are afraid to come forward who believe in what we’re doing, but that’s changing. Even skeptic doctors, especially internal medicine and heart doctors, are observing a rise in young, damaged patients. The BLS and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis confirm Hollingsworth’s claim that vaccine damage victims are rising. In 2021 and 2022, disability claims increased significantly. The number of disabled people in the workforce ranged from 5.811 million in October 2015 to 6.335 million in June 2017. 31.195 million and 6.987 million by October 2021. By October 2022, 32.819 million and 7.797 million. In 2021, American Progress reported that BLS data showed fewer non-disabled civilians and workers. American Progress and other media blamed the surge in disabled workers on “long COVID,” but The Defender showed that disability claims in 2021 and 2022 coincided with vaccination peaks one to two months prior.

For Hollingsworth, workers’ compensation claims serve a dual purpose: not only do they represent an effort to get a degree of compensation and justice for those who were injured by mandated vaccines, but they also are intended to pressure employers and insurers.
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