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What are the leading causes of stress at work in California?

What are the leading causes of stress at work in California | 2H Law

Work-related stress is a pervasive challenge, impacting both employees and employers. Excessive workplace pressures can adversely affect both mental and physical health. How stress is managed during work significantly influences individuals’ well-being and overall business success. Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s attorneys specialize in assisting individuals dealing with work-related stress compensation cases. We initiate workplace stress lawsuits to secure favorable stress claim payouts, ensuring justice for those affected by the detrimental impacts of stress at work.

List 5 leading causes and consequences of work-related stress

  1. Excessive Workload:
    A demanding workload, characterized by excessive tasks and unattainable expectations, is a significant contributor to stress, impacting both mental and physical well-being adversely.
  1. Poor Work-Life Balance: 
    Chronic stress is caused by an insufficient work-life balance, which is characterized by continuous inequalities between professional and home life. This significantly affects one’s entire well-being, both psychologically and physically.
  1. Lack of Job Security:
    Employees experience worry and stress as a result of a lack of job security, which is characterized by uncertainty about work stability. This undermines their general well-being and professional performance.
  1. Inadequate Support: 
    Insufficient support from both management and colleagues intensifies stress levels, creating a challenging work environment. A lack of support contributes to heightened stress and anxiety at work, negatively impacting employees’ mental well-being and productivity.
  1. Workplace Bullying: 
    Workplace bullying, characterized by harassment and mistreatment, fosters a toxic environment, significantly increasing stress levels. Such negative behaviors contribute to heightened stress, adversely impacting overall employee well-being and morale.

Even though you are going through a phase of post-traumatic stress disorder or facing work-related stress in both situations you are entitled to be awarded with the workers’ compensation stress claim. Be mindful that the average payout for stress at work may vary based on one’s situation and the level of stress you initially are required to fill out the claim form DWC-1 and submit it to the respective federal department which is handling workers’ comp for stress and anxiety in California.

How can you claim workers comp for mental health? 

Employees can claim workers’ comp for mental health issues caused by work-related stress. The process involves reporting the stress-related symptoms to the employer, seeking medical attention, and filing a workers’ comp claim. Documentation, including medical records and a clear connection between the job and mental health issues, is crucial. Our legal team guides individuals through each step, ensuring a seamless process for claiming workers’ comp for mental stress and anxiety in California.

With the assistance of Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC suing your employer for stress is no more a hassle. 

With Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s expert assistance, suing for stress at work is no longer a hassle. Our experienced lawyers for work-related stress specialize in work-related stress lawsuits, offering comprehensive support to build a strong case. We navigate the legal complexities, ensuring a smooth process for individuals seeking compensation for the adverse effects of stress at work. We understand the intricacies of workplace stress claims, advocating tirelessly to secure justice and fair stress claim payouts for our clients.


Dealing with stress at work is pivotal for a thriving workplace. Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s legal team is dedicated to supporting individuals navigating stress-related challenges. If you’ve experienced work-related stress, take the first step towards justice and compensation. Contact us at (619) 374-9320 today for expert guidance in managing stress at work, initiating a workplace stress lawsuit, and securing the stress claim payouts you rightfully deserve. Your well-being matters, and we’re here to ensure your voice is heard.

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