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Five Factors Why It Might Take a Long Time to Settle Your Car Accident Claim.

Top Factors for Which Your Car Accident Claim Gets Delayed in CA. | 2H Law Firm

A car accident settlement is a court order that is signed by the drivers who were in the collision; this agreement is frequently arranged by the drivers’ insurance companies or by a car accident attorney. As reported by the CDC, each year 40 million citizens experience the need for quick healthcare as an outcome of car injuries. Also, the state government has spent $49,395 on the emergency medical care of the workers To settle financial issues like car accident injury arising from the accident, parties choose a settlement over a drawn-out and perhaps expensive trial. To take advantage of these benefits by initiating the car accident claim process in CA, you must designate personal injury lawyers from a reputed law firm like 2HLaw. 

While there are many benefits to settling a vehicle accident claim, the victim may still face challenges with receiving the appropriate claim amount and also the phase of a delayed claim.

Enlist the five facts that may be responsible for car accident claim denial in CA:

  1. Late reporting
    The insurance policy and state regulations determine the time restrictions for filing claims for auto accidents. Many states grant two to three years after an automobile accident to make an insurance claim, but you have a shorter period to inform the insurance company, so you should do it right soon.  Your car crash claim might be rejected if you file a lawsuit after the deadline has passed. 
  2. Each party bears equal responsibility
    Drivers and vehicle owners must comprehend the conditions and scope of coverage under an auto insurance policy. The insurance provider will probably reject the claim outright if the motorist participated in specified activities that rendered their coverage null and void. That claim would probably be rejected as well if an unlicensed driver used the insured car with the owner’s consent and caused a collision. 
  3. The claim is greater than the entitled amount
    It is the responsibility of drivers to make sure their vehicle insurance meets or exceeds their needs. If the damage surpasses the affected driver’s auto policy restrictions, the insurance company may reject the claim; otherwise, it will be paid up to the policy limits. You must speak to a San Diego car accident lawyer to learn more about the average settlement payment for a car accident in the Golden State. 
  4. You take much time to update your insurer
    Insured drivers must promptly notify their insurer following an accident additionally to obtain the desired car accident settlement payment. Regardless of any injuries or fatalities, the insurance company may argue it did not have enough time to look into the claim. At the same time, the evidence was still accessible if it was not contacted promptly.
  5. Errors in demand letters
    An essential component of the settlement procedure for a car accident is a demand letter.  An experienced San Diego car accident lawyer will advise you to concentrate on the aspects of creating a strong demand letter or a car accident claim. The other party’s obligation must be specified in the letter, otherwise, there can be a delay in the CA claim processing.

How does hiring a lawyer from Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC help in car accident settlements?

Only when there is a compelling case and solid proof is presented can a vehicle accident settlement be successful and award you the money that the at-fault party legally owes you. A San Diego car accident lawyer may provide you with indisputable proof that will boost your chances of court victory, even if you decide to file personal injury lawsuits. A skilled car accident lawyer at 2HLaw can persuade the jury to find in your favor by presenting a compelling case supported by logic and proof.


If you want to avoid being left legally stuck in the case of an accident, you must be knowledgeable of California’s regulations regarding vehicle accident settlements. Nor should the importance of working with a knowledgeable, proficient, and experienced car accident lawyer be undervalued. Get in contact with Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320 Accident Attorneys as soon as possible in the sad case of a car accident and secure the maximum amount for your car accident claim.

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