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After a Construction Accident – What to do know from Construction Accident Law Firm.

After a Construction Accident – What to do know from Construction Accident Law Firm. | 2H Law

In the state of California, those working in the construction industry contribute to the growth of structures and infrastructure. This comprises both men and women who work in the state’s construction sites, contributing significantly to the construction, repair, and demolition of structures. In addition, people are often interested in learning how much construction workers make. Indeed, there is a huge variety in the average daily or monthly wage for construction workers. The standard salary for a construction worker in California is $97,015. At the entry-level, these employees can start earning $15 to $20 every hour, while competent workers may make $30 per hour or more. Fortunately, a construction accident in California can have a significant financial impact on an employee’s salary owing to medical bills, potential missed work, and long-term incapacity, resulting in stress and lower wages. Thus, following an accident, building construction workers must contact a construction accident law firm immediately. Getting legal advice from Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC guarantees a prompt assessment of the matter, protecting rights and any benefits claims.

California Labor Code Sections 3700-3709 promise to protect construction workers’ right to compensation for injuries sustained on the job site. These provisions are thought to necessitate financial support in the form of accident compensation coverage for workplace injuries.

The to-do list after a California construction accident: 

  • Report an Accident Promptly: Notify your supervisor about the California construction accident right away to guarantee a prompt investigation of the event.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Put your health first by getting help as soon as possible for any injuries you may have received in the construction accident.
  • Gather Proof: To support your compensation claim, gather important evidence such as images, witness accounts, and pertinent paperwork.
  • Note the Medical Expenses and Lost Wages: After the construction accidents, make sure you have a thorough record of all medical costs and missed pay.
  • Meet a Construction Accident Attorney: Contact a skilled construction injury law firm promptly so that they can analyze your case and provide you with expert legal counsel.
  • Launch a Workers’ Compensation Allegation: Make a construction workers’ compensation claim as soon as it is practical to ensure that your case is addressed promptly.
  • Never Accept Documents Without Legal Assistance: To protect your rights, avoid signing any incident-related documentation without first seeking legal counsel.

Track your health recovery: For a thorough recovery following the construction accident, keep track of your healing process and adhere to any recommended treatments or rehabilitation programs.

Reach Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC a Construction Accident Law Firm to calculate the average construction accident claims you deserve. 

Never try to handle construction accident claims on your own. To make sure you get the construction workers’ comp you are entitled to, get in touch with our knowledgeable Construction Accident Law Firm. Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s skilled legal team is committed to carefully reviewing your case, taking into account all relevant details to determine the typical construction accident claims that are customized for your particular circumstance. We are devoted to battling for your rights as we know the mental, social, and monetary burdens involved with these situations. You may rely on our expertise to help you navigate the court system and obtain the funding required for your recuperation.


After a construction accident in California, protecting your rights is crucial. To secure just compensation for your damages, our Construction Accident Law Firm “Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC” is prepared to take up your cause. Don’t handle the fallout alone; get professional legal advice from us. Allow our knowledgeable staff to handle the intricacies, compute your justifiable claims, and offer you the assistance you require. Get started on the road to justice by getting in touch with Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320 right now for a private consultation.

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