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How to file a car collision claim with a car accident personal injury lawyer?

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Whether you are a motorist or just a pedestrian on the state’s roadways, car accidents occur every day in the Golden State any once in a lifetime, you might have been the victim or witness of such an incident. Given the dangers of driving, it’s critical to understand how to claim in the event of a car accident. It’s necessary to be aware of what to do immediately at the accident location. Once the event has been reported to the police, claim with your car collision insurance claims provider as well as the insurer of the other party. This guarantees that losses, injuries, and missed wages are all covered. This post will explain all the assets you need to know about submitting a personal injury protection claim following a car accident with a car accident personal injury attorney at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC.

How a car accident personal injury lawyer help you file a car accident claim in California?

Notifying the insurer of a car accident is the very first phase in submitting a claim in California and then fill the government claim form. They normally include a number on your policyholder’s insurance card. Some carriers also allow for alternative ways of communication, such as a mobile app or a website. You can file a claim through another party’s insurer if you don’t have any. However, bear in mind that this could only be applicable if the other party caused the car accident, either entirely or in part. 

Here is how a car accident personal injury lawyer helps file a claim case:

  • Sending a demand letter to the insurer 
    When making the demand letter, ensure that the insurance coverage is strong and has all the information needed to back up your claim, the top car accident lawyers should draft it. It will contain details regarding your injuries and damages, as well as legal arguments for why the negligent party is liable. 
  • Negotiate and establish a settlement agreement
    The insurer will look into the accident on its own after receiving the request for payment letter and will decide whether to accept, reject, or make an alternative proposal about the claim. Negotiations might last weeks or months. If both parties agree, you will sign a settlement agreement stating the conditions and the insurance provider will deliver payment to you or your car accident personal injury lawyer. 
  • File a personal injury lawsuit
    If an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached after a car accident, you may need to file a personal injury claim lawsuit. The two-year statute of limitations in California for claims involving car collisions will be taken into consideration by your appointed attorney while preparing your defense. This status is applicable under the legal code section 905.

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