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Fired for suing my employer for stress at work? Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in San Diego.

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The mental distress a worker suffers as a consequence of the poor and unfavorable working culture in the California workplace is typically called as the term “Stress at Work“, it may be caused due for several reasons involving a hectic work environment, excessive workload, harassment, or hazardous surroundings, etc. It directly affects the workers working productivity and mental health.” 

When your employer’s carelessness or deliberate conduct leads to serious emotional injury, you may initiate an emotional distress workers’ compensation lawsuit and file stress at-work claims. Under certain conditions, employees may file a lawsuit against their employers under California Labor Code Section 3600 to seek workers’ comp for stress-related ailments, including typical awards for such injuries. You must also consult with the workers’ compensation stress leave attorneys at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC to begin filing a claim for mental health benefits.  Workers’ compensation attorneys in San Diego assist in obtaining workers’ comp for emotional distress by providing legal guidance, gathering evidence, filing claims, negotiating with insurers, and advocating for clients’ rights under California law.

How to file a stress claim at work by hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in San Diego: 

  • Recognize Eligibility: Find out what is required to file a stress claim at work, as well as the extent to which mental health-related disorders are covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Seek Legal Guidance: To have your case evaluated, get in touch with a San Diego workers’ compensation lawyer who focuses on mental distress claims.
  • Gather Proof: Gather supporting documents, such as medical records and witness accounts, for your claim of stress at work.
  • Register a Claim: To register a stress claim at work with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider, follow the correct steps.
  • Handle Legal procedure: Make sure your rights are upheld by working closely with your attorney to handle the legal procedure.
  • Conduct Evaluations: Show up for any hearings or assessments that are necessary about your workers’ compensation stress claim.
  • Reach a Settlement: Consult with your lawyer to reach a just compensation for your job-related stress, taking into account typical awards in circumstances like yours.
  • Seek Support: If required, look into your possibilities for stress leave related to workers’ compensation so that you may put your mental health and well-being first throughout the process.

Get insights on how much workers comp covers for mental health with us at 2HLaw.

Speak with us to learn more about the benefits that workers’ compensation offers for mental health conditions. Our skilled workers’ compensation attorney in San Diego is adept at handling the intricacies of mental distress-related workers’ compensation cases. To obtain the money you are entitled to, the lawyers at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC will assess your case, go over the benefits that are available to you under California law, and work very hard. You can count on us to defend your rights and secure the help you need for your recovery, regardless of whether you’re dealing with anxiety, workplace stress, or other mental health concerns.


Make the initial move in getting the pay you are due for your struggles with mental health. Get in touch with Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC right now to arrange a meeting with our committed group of workers’ compensation attorneys in San Diego. With our knowledge and dedication to client advocacy, we’ll help you navigate the procedure, stand up for your rights, and make sure you get the assistance you need to proceed. Our top goal is your well-being; allow us to support you as you confidently and peacefully get through this trying period. Contact workers’ compensation attorney in San Diego at (619) 374-9320.

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