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What to Do If You’re Involved in a Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Case?

Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Case Immediate Action.  | 2H Law Firm

Today’s youth enjoy motorcycle riding the most. However, sometimes they treat it as a fun adventure activity, forgetting that the high speed of the vehicle often leads to accidents, which often result in a big accident when it collides with a big vehicle like a truck. These types of vehicle collisions and truck accidents are a common occurrence on California’s roads. Such accidents can lead to injuries and health issues, including bone fractures, brain injuries, and permanent disability, which are very common. Sometimes the mishaps are so serious that the victim may even die. In California, whenever a major accident occurs involving a vehicle such as a truck or motorcycle, it is often believed that only the truck drivers are responsible for the damages caused by the accident because truck drivers run away from the accident site. In such a situation, this type of case is called a Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Case in California. Additionally, have words with the California truck accident lawyer at 2HLaw to enhance your knowledge of California vehicle laws.

According to the accident protocol under legal code section 20002 this is what you must do being involved in a Hit-and-Run motorcycle accident case:

  • Report Accident: Report the motorcycle accident right away to the police so that they may start an official file that will be needed for future insurance claims and court cases.
  • Evidence Gathering: Take pictures and interview witnesses to record the situation. This proof is necessary to establish culpability and bolster your argument.
  • Medical Care: To protect your health and submit the required medical records for injury compensation, get medical treatment as soon as possible, even for little injuries.
  • Insurance Claims: Report the motorcycle accident to your insurer. Your insurer will assist you in obtaining compensation and will also help you evaluate the exact settlement payment you are lawfully entitled.
  • Speak with a Truck Accident Attorney: If a truck was involved, speak with a California truck accident attorney or another type of San Diego personal injury lawyer. If required, they can support you in navigating liability laws and helping to file a case.

At 2HLaw ask our attorneys about what happens when a truck driver has an accident.

San Diego personal injury lawyer can address your inquiries if you’re interested in learning more about the particulars of what occurs in a truck driver collision. Truck accidents might include several liability rules and regulations, making them complex situations. We will go over who is in charge of making insurance claims, who pays for damages, and how to get compensated for injuries sustained by our lawyers at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC. It is important to comprehend your legal rights and the judicial system following any incident, regardless of how little or significant, such as the recent terrible truck crash in California.


Build a connection with the 2HLaw’s competent lawyers to grasp more about the state law and “what happens when a truck driver is involved in an accident in the Golden State”. The legal experts associated with our law firm will help you to understand the law, your rights under state law, and how to legally pursue the compensation for which you are entitled. So, reach out at (619) 374-9320 to a proficient San Diego personal injury lawyer right now to discuss your legal options for motorcycle accidents in CA and take the required steps to guarantee that you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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