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Seeking Justice: Construction Injury Lawyers in California

Seeking Justice_ Construction Injury Lawyers in California | 2H Law

Injuries sustained in construction accidents can be extremely serious and even fatal. To cover their medical expenses and provide for their families, victims should have access to the utmost possible compensation. Unfortunately, private insurance firms can be difficult to deal with when trying to receive reimbursement.

Who Is Responsible For Construction Injury on the Job?

There are mainly two ways that someone or something, like a building company, can be blamed for an accident on the job site. First, workers who have been hurt can make a claim for workers’ compensation. Second, a person hurt in an accident might be able to file a claim for personal injury against the person or company at fault, such as the owner of a building site, a construction company, or the maker of a faulty product. Some of the things that can be covered by compensation benefits are hospital bills, wage losses, disabilities compensation, and even benefits for death. But in many situations, filing for worker’s compensation is not enough to cover all of your losses.

In some cases, workers who get hurt on the job can file a claim against their company. Since workers’ comp appears to be the only way to get help, this is only feasible in rare cases, such as:

  • The company hurt the worker physically.
  • The boss lied about an incident which made your injury worse
  • The worker was hurt by goods made by the boss, but wasn’t at work when it happened.
  • At the time of the accident, the company did not have workers’ compensation insurance.

Compensation For Victims Of Construction Accidents

If you suffered from construction injury on the job and are thinking about filing a workers’ compensation claim, it is very important that you know how the process works.

There should be monetary pay for:

  • Medical costs – Under California’s workers’ compensation law, insurers must pay for any medical care that is “reasonably needed to cure or relieve” the negative consequences of the accident or medical condition. This could include treatment in an emergency room, surgery or an operation, visits to doctors or specialists, the cost of prescription drugs, medical devices or equipment, and a lot more. Of course, there can and do get to be disagreements about what kind of treatment is reasonable in a given scenario.
  • Lost money – Lost money is also covered by workers’ compensation payments. Temporary disability payments are what this money is called. If your doctor says you can’t go back to work because of your health, you should be able to get two-thirds of your usual weekly wage before the accident, tax-free. There is a maximum and a minimum benefit, and each year, they will change a little bit to account for inflation. Partially temporary disability payments may be given to people who can only work part-time.
  • Permanent damage – Last but not least, California construction workers who get hurt on the job can also get workers’ compensation payments for a permanent disability. If the building accident left you or a family member with a permanent injury, you need to talk to a knowledgeable California workplace injury lawyer as soon as possible. When dealing with cases for permanent disability, insurers are often tough. You need a lawyer who will help you get the most money possible.


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