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Steps To Take When Workers’ Comp Denied in California        

Overview Of Workers Comp Denied In CA 2023 | 2H Law

Workers’ compensation in California is a state-mandated insurance program that provides medical treatment and wage replacement to employees who are injured on the job. For several seasons the state has registered 645,409 workers comp claim cases in 2022. Nevertheless, workers comp claims can be denied in some cases, so, do you know how this denial of workers comp affects the victim’s life in California? On one side employees are eligible to enjoy workers’ compensation benefits while in the case of workers’ comp denied they have to suffer a lot. 

In California, a workers’ comp claim denied can have disastrous effects on the victims. They are denied access to necessary healthcare, income replacement, and financial help, which causes them to suffer financially, take longer to recuperate, and experience emotional pain. Workers comp denial exacerbates the already challenging situation of injured workers, making their path to recovery more arduous. If you are one of them in CA who is experiencing workers comp denial you must consult the legal professionals at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC. 

Moving ahead knowing the harsh consequences of workers’ compensation being denied you might to worried thinking what happens if my workers comp claim is denied?

Denied workers’ compensation can exacerbate financial stress and emotional strain during an already challenging time. However, it’s essential to remember that you can appeal the denial with the help of legal professionals who specialize in workers’ comp cases. They can guide you through the process to seek the benefits you rightfully deserve.

List the steps to take when workers’ comp denied in California:

  1. Review the workers’ comp denial letter
  2. Consult a workers’ comp attorney
  3. Appeal the denial at WCAB
  4. Gather evidence
  5. Attend hearings
  6. Present your case

Know the legal rights held by CA law for a worker in case of denied workers’ compensation:

In California, workers whose compensation claims are denied have legal rights to appeal to WCAB and seek recourse. They can choose to appear in person at hearings, file an official appeal, and provide additional evidence to support their positions. The California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board’s (WCAB) responsibility is to resolve disputes and ensure that injured workers obtain the benefits to which they are legally entitled. In this process, having legal representation is often essential since lawyers can protect the rights of the worker and help them through the intricate legal procedures. These legal rights empower workers to challenge denials, pursue the compensation they deserve, and ensure their financial security and access to medical treatment during their recovery.

How do lawyers at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC assist you if workers’ comp denied your claim?

If your workers’ comp claim was denied, we are here to assist you. 2HLaw’s experienced legal team specializes in workers’ compensation cases and will support you in the appeals process. We’ll thoroughly review your case, gather necessary evidence, and construct a compelling appeal. In hearings as well as before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), our specialists will speak for your interests. Our mission is to get you the benefits and compensation you are due, easing your financial burden and enabling you to get the treatment you need to fully recover.


Don’t navigate the workers’ comp denied process alone as we are here to guide you. Contact Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320 for competent advice and assistance. Your wellness and financial stability are our top priorities. Give us a chance to assist you in appealing the refusal, obtaining the payment back, and ensuring that you can obtain the necessary medical care. Make immediate contact with us to begin the process of protecting your future. Our mission is to protect your rights because they are valuable.

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