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In California’s wrongful death lawsuit, who is eligible for compensation?

In California’s wrongful death lawsuit, who is eligible for compensation | 2H Law Firm

A detailed understanding of the law is required to bring a wrongful death claim in California. Sections 377.60 to 377.62 of the California Civil Code provide the legal foundation for bringing a Wrongful Death Settlement claim in the state. These statutes establish the legal grounds for demanding compensation for the premature loss of a loved one. Following the Civil Code’s rules is essential to navigating this procedure effectively and ensuring that the case has a strong foundation and that justice is served. To successfully negotiate the complexity of your wrongful death lawsuit and provide a strong presentation that results in a winning legal victory, Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC skilled wrongful death attorneys draw on their wide knowledge and strategic insight.

Learn about the compensation eligibility criteria for filing a wrongful death settlement lawsuit:

A California wrongful death settlement lawsuit’s ability to proceed depends on meeting certain qualifying requirements. Beneficiaries, legal heirs, or the chosen authorized administrator of the decedent’s estate may bring a claim in most cases. This includes the critical problem of showing a flagrant breach of duty that resulted in the wrongful killing. When this link is established, those who qualify may pursue fair recompense for the range of losses suffered, including monetary losses, psychological pain, and other financial setbacks brought on by the sudden death of a loved one. Additionally, a wrongful death attorney in San Diego will give a detailed understanding of the matter.

The legal steps to proceed with a California wrongful death lawsuit:

The CCP 335.1 in California mandates that individuals report or initiate a wrongful death lawsuit Within two years from the date of the incident. Further, filing a wrongful death case in California requires several important measures which are:

  • Filing the Lawsuit: The wrongful death lawsuit against the accountable person or organization is the first step in the legal procedure.
  • Investigation: Both parties gather information relevant to the case, take depositions, and exchange evidence.
  • Negotiation or mediation: To reach an out-of-court settlement under the guidance of a wrongful death attorney in San Diego, parties may engage in negotiation or mediation.
  • Hearings: If a settlement cannot be reached, the matter is taken to trial, when a verdict is given and evidence is shown.

Who can be the wrongful death beneficiary in California as instructed by the Code of Civil Procedure? 

The surviving partner, kids, and any dependent minor of the deceased are usually considered wrongful death beneficiaries in California, as per the Code of Civil Procedure, specifically section 377.60. Those who are entitled to the decedent’s property under intestate succession rules become eligible if they do not exist. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you navigate the challenges of determining beneficiaries and building a compelling case.

Talk to 2HLaw’s wrongful death attorneys to obtain knowledge on what a wrongful death lawyer does to help you recover your wrongful death damages. 

Speak with Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s knowledgeable wrongful death lawyers to have a thorough grasp of the critical role they play in obtaining damages. Our skilled attorneys are experts in carefully evaluating the monetary damages and psychological anguish brought on by a wrongful death. They negotiate the complex legal environment by using their experience to guarantee the highest possible recompense. Our legal professionals are committed to achieving justice, whether they are starting the legal process, negotiating settlements, or defending you in court. Speak with a wrongful death attorney in San Diego to learn more about how a wrongful death attorney may support your claim and direct you toward just recompense.


For people looking for compensation, it is essential to comprehend the qualifying requirements, court procedures, and beneficiaries involved in a California wrongful death litigation. Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC’s at (619) 374-9320 legal team is prepared to offer thorough legal assistance, so you can face this difficult path with confidence. Take the first step toward securing justice by building a direct connection with a wrongful death attorney in San Diego and recompense your loved one by contacting us immediately for a consultation.

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