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10 Questions you need to ask to San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney in 2024.

10 Questions you need to ask to San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney in 2024. | 2H Law Firm

Contact a pedestrian accident attorney in California if you were hurt in a pedestrian accident and are seeking to get compensated for your losses, including lost wages and healthcare expenses. It’s critical to choose your counsel intelligently. Your pleasure with the entire legal process and the result of your case may vary depending on the personal injury attorney you choose. 

During a consultation, it’s highly recommended to ask a few crucial questions to the respective pedestrian accident attorneys in addition to concluding whether the particular reputable attorney is best suited to handle your case or not. For your concern and to make the process easy to hire a pedestrian accident law firm, we the competent team of pedestrian injury accident lawyers at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC suggest a list of 10 questions you must ask the San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney in 2024.

Must ask questions to a San Diego pedestrian accident attorney:

  1. What is the duration of your practice as a San Diego pedestrian accident attorney and your understanding of pedestrian safety?
  2. Have You earlier handled cases that are like mine? What were their outcomes?
  3. What is the worthiness of my pedestrian-vehicle accident case?
  4. How many similar cases do you believe you handle confidently at the same time? And what strategies you employ to keep the confidentiality of the clients and the case details.
  5. In what specific ways do the California state laws affect my case?
  6. What’s your opinion of the statute of limitations for personal injury cases under the California Civil Code Section 335.1 to file my case? Is the section helpful in my case?
  7. How often would you like to communicate with me about the case update and its progress?
  8. How would you calculate the amount of compensation settlement payment I deserve for my damages?
  9. What strategies and resources do you utilize to boost the chance of getting maximum compensation for my lawsuit?
  10. How much would you rate your communication, case understanding, and negotiation skills to win my case?

Here are the reasons you choose Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC as your personal injury lawyers for pedestrian accident cases:

  • Professional Skills: The law firm Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC specializes in handling traffic accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians. This implies that we keep abreast of any new rules and legislation that apply to these situations.
  • Outstanding Track Record: In situations involving pedestrian accidents, our pedestrian car accident lawyers have secured substantial payments for our clients. These outcomes show that we can obtain the highest possible remuneration.
  • Client-centered Methodologies: Our group is aware of the mental and physical toll that comes with getting over an accident. Throughout the legal procedure, we place a high priority on lowering client stress.
  • Multimodal Recovery: Being a team of reputable San Diego Pedestrian accident attorneys, we offer support to clients throughout their recovery process by taking care of medical expenses, financial losses, and mental distress, as well as handling legal matters. 


During a difficult moment, asking the correct questions may bring insight, comfort, and a way ahead. If you want legal assistance after witnessing or suffering from a pedestrian accident, you might think about speaking with Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320. Our strong foundation and comprehensive understanding of California personal injury law place us in a strong position to offer significant support. Our San Diego Pedestrian accident attorney promises to protect your rights and give you comprehensive legal counsel and support at every turn, ensuring that your complaint is recognized.

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