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Know Legal Rights after a Construction Accident Injury through our best construction accident lawyer

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Construction accidents in the Golden State are incidents on building sites that result in major injury or even death in some specific instances. Devastating catastrophes on construction sites can cause serious damage or even death. California’s construction sector continues to expand however workers still are facing several dangers. Surprisingly, one in every five workers in the United States dies in a construction accident. Workers and employers alike must understand the fundamentals of construction accident injuries to improve safety and prevent accidents. California Labor Code Section 3700 mandates all the firms in the state to provide workers’ compensation insurance to all their associated workers. Additionally, Labor Code Section 6400 mandates employers to maintain a safe workplace and follow safety rules by offering safety equipment and maintaining safety precautions, which can help reduce construction accident cases in the state. This is critical in determining culpability for construction accidents.

Furthermore, at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC, our experienced construction accident lawyers are committed to carrying out careful investigations of construction accident injuries in California. This includes investigating many phases involving root causes, legal consequences, and proactive preventative efforts. So, connect with us today if you look forward to gaining more knowledge on your legal rights after a Construction accident in California.

A glimpse into the worker’s legal rights after a construction accident injury CA:

  • Right to Workers’ Compensation
    In California, injured workers can seek workers’ compensation benefits for construction accident injuries, such as medical treatment and pay replacement, to ensure financial assistance and access to essential care throughout rehabilitation.
  • Right to a Safe Return to Work
    As required by California law, employers must provide reasonable adjustments and offer chances for wounded workers to safely return to work after healing from injuries sustained in construction accidents, providing a seamless transition back to employment.
  • Right to Appeal Decisions
    Injured workers have the legal right to use the California workers’ compensation system to appeal a decision if their workers’ compensation claim is rejected or contested to get an equitable review of their case. Do not forget to get legal assistance from a skilled construction accident lawyer at the stage of appealing the decision. 
  • Right to put Third-Party Accountability
    Construction accident victims are entitled to sue the third party whose carelessness leads the construction accident. Property owners, subcontractors, and equipment makers may be involved in this. Understanding the third-party responsibility is essential because it gives you the legal alternative to seek additional settlement payments under the workers’ compensation program.
  • Right to enjoy Disability Benefits
    Under California’s workers’ compensation program, workers hurt in construction accidents who are unable to recuperate or become incompetent may be eligible for disability payments, which reimburse lost wages. To grab these benefits, you must talk to a construction accident lawyer near you.

Appoint the best construction accident attorney from 2HLaw to secure the maximum construction accident claims.

Choose a lawyer from the leading construction accident law firm 2HLaw to obtain the most construction accident claims if you’re unsure about the “best construction accident lawyer near me.” Our legal professionals have an established history of success and expertise in handling construction accident litigation’s complexity. Our construction accident attorney actively protects your legal entitlements and uses our skills to help you get the compensation you are due for the damages and injuries. Contact us immediately away to set up a consultation and start the process of securing the maximum money for your construction accident claim.


Does an accident that occurred at a construction site in California left you injured? You must consult a personal injury attorney, construction accident lawyer, or both. A proficient construction accident attorney at Hollingsworth & Hollingsworth APC at (619) 374-9320 will always assist you in navigating the process of obtaining the money you are entitled to by defending your legal right to resume your previous responsibilities at work following your recovery. You are entitled to get full compensation for any damage that was inflicted upon you.

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