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What are the top 5 leading causes of death in workplace construction accidents?

Common Workplace deaths due to construction accidents in California. | 2h lAW

The state in the union with the fastest pace of growth is California, therefore expanding and modernizing its infrastructure is required. The core of all operations in the construction industry, which is at the forefront of significant growth projects and where there is constant risk of damage, is the construction worker. Each accident scenario has certain features that can cause serious injuries, disability, or even death. 

Today in this blog post crafted by the construction accident lawyer at 2HLaw we are extracting the reason for the deaths caused due to construction accidents in California. Be mindful that the state has to witness hundreds of accidental deaths annually and thus to reduce such incidents and for workers’ safety concerns OSHA has implemented a team of 1,850 inspectors for the health and safety of 130 million workers in the building sites within the state. 

The top 5 common causes of construction accidents and Workplace deaths in California:

  1. Falls: In California, falls are the most common cause of fatal construction accidents. These falls are frequently caused by unsafe scaffolding, exposed edges, or insufficient fall protection equipment. Because they must operate at heights, construction workers are exposed to serious hazards, which highlights the importance of strict safety procedures and training initiatives.
  2. Traffic Accidents: There is a higher chance of worker and vehicle involvement in traffic accidents when construction sites are close to roads. Fatal crashes can be caused by careless drivers, faulty signs, or ineffective traffic control measures, highlighting the need to put complete traffic management plans into action and guarantee worker visibility. 
  3. Trench Collapses: Construction personnel engaged in trenching or excavation operations face serious risks from trench collapses. An inability to apply protective measures, insufficient shoring, or unstable soil might result in suffocation or burial, therefore careful planning, appropriate training, and ongoing supervision of trenching activities are required.
  4. Chemical Exposures: During building operations, workers may be exposed to dangerous substances like asbestos, lead, or poisonous vapors. Acute toxicity or long-term health issues might arise from this. Insufficient ventilation, negligent handling, or non-use of personal protective equipment can result in chemical exposures. Because of this, safety protocols need to be closely adhered to, and suitable training needs to be obtained. 
  5. Suffocation: During excavation or labor in confined spaces, people may become entangled in materials like sand, gravel, or concrete, which can lead to suffocation accidents. Strict attention to safety standards and rescue procedures is required since there is an increased chance of asphyxia when sufficient shoring, poor atmospheric monitoring, or a lack of confined space entrance procedures are not used.

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To address the leading causes of fatality in construction accidents that occur at work in California, extensive safety protocols, strict training programs, and close supervision are necessary. Employers may protect workers’ health and reduce dangers related to construction by emphasizing occupational safety and health, putting strong safety procedures in place, and encouraging a culture of prevention. Allow the construction accident lawyer at 2HLaw to secure and collect a just recompense for your loss and damages caused by a construction site accident in California, as well as to make work conditions safer and prevent preventable tragedies. Contact us at (619) 374-9320 to get more about Construction Accidents Law.

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